Espresso Italiano Champion 2015: the semi-finals and grand final to be held in Milan on 25th October to select the king of Italian espresso


The Espresso Italiano Champion 2015 selection competitions, promoted by the Italian Espresso National Institute (INEI) in Italy and abroad, are coming to a close. Dozens of baristas have taken part in the contest organized by the companies associated with the INEI.

Of the nineteen baristas who will go through to the finals, a third of them are not Italian and come from Germany, Greece, China, Korea and Taiwan. These coffee professionals will take each other on in the Espresso Italiano Champion 2015 semi-finals on 25th October at Host 2015, the sector’s most important fair worldwide.
The semi-finals will be hosted by Wega, Astoria and Vibiemme in their stands and the grand final, on the same day, by Wega. For Cristiano Osnato, Director of Vibiemme, this is “a great opportunity to enhance human capital in our country”. Astoria Sales Director, Stefano Stecca, echoed this when he declared that “the baristas are the real exponents of our idea of quality, with whom we share passion and skills every day”.
Paolo Nadalet, Managing Director at Wega and INEI President, emphasized that the Espresso Italiano Champion is an important step for the hospitality industry because it “shows a vast audience of experts how much impact Certified Italian Espresso standards have upon the ability to offer a consumer a perfect product”.

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