Espresso Italiano Champion 2017: international semi-finals and final at Host 2017

15 baristas from 8 countries competing at the international semi-finals of the Espresso Italiano Champion 2017: only 4 will make it to the international final and compete for the title. The international semi-finals of Espresso Italiano Champion 2017, the Italian Espresso National Institute’s barista competition, will take place at Host 2017 in Milan on Sunday 21 October, the international final on Sunday 22 October.

The path taken by the competitors to gain their place in the semi-final phase was very long. Over 40 contests were held in 8 different countries (Italy, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bulgaria and Germany) and more than 400 professionals took this challenge. Selection brought 15 competitors the semi-final which will be held on Sunday 21 Octobet at the following booths:

  • La Genovese, Pav.14, Stand H22, 11:00 AM
  • Dersut Caffè, Pav.14 Stand L39, 2:00 PM
  • Essse Caffè, Pav.18, Stand B50 C57, 2:00 PM
  • Mokador, Pav.18 Stand D50 E51, 2:30 PM
Only four of the competitors will make it to the international final which will take place at Wega’s booth (Pav. 24, Stand D52 D60) on Sunday 22 October at 3:00. Baristas will compete for the title on a Wega MyConcept EPU espresso machine and a Wega 6.4 Instant grinder.

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