IKEA to only serve and sell UTZ certified coffee

The Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA has decided that all coffee sold and served at IKEA worldwide shall be UTZ CERTIFIED. UTZ Certified is an independent not-for-profit organization that sets a standard for responsible coffee growing and sourcing, taking both people and the environment into consideration.
Annually, around 150 million cups of coffee are served and sold in the restaurants, bistros and Swedish Food Markets in 25 countries. Anders Lennartson – Quality, Social & Environmental Manager IKEA Food Services: “We serve a lot of coffee every day. We want our customers and co-workers to know that the coffee they drink is produced in a sustainable manner. Traceability is also important for a global company like us; an on-line coffee tracer will be available for the IKEA branded coffees”.

(Carlo Odello)

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