International Coffee Tasting 2008, record-setting edition

International Coffee Tasting 2008 will be the record-setting competition. Actually, more than 140 coffees from all over the world have registered for the biennial competition organised by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters. A sharp increase of the number of coffees compared to the first edition in 2006, during which, for the first time ever, tens of coffees were assessed by commissions made up of judges from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters. «A unique initiative which already in 2006 attracted also the attention of the media – said Odello – The mission of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters is that of promoting a scientific method for coffee tasting. Praising the best products of the sector means also rewarding those who work in a competent manner in order to provide consumers with a truly high quality coffee». Currently, the tasting commissions made up of tasters, both Italians and foreigners, from the Institute are being formed. See you all then on the 30th-31st of October when the international competition will take place in Brescia.


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2 Responses to “International Coffee Tasting 2008, record-setting edition”

  1. James Hoffmann Says:

    Is this just espresso coffees or brewed coffee too? How does one submit coffee?

  2. Carlo Odello Says:

    The competition is open to various types of coffee: espresso, filter, moka, pods.

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