Registration is open for the International Coffee Tasting 2018, the international coffee competition

International Coffee Tasting, the international coffee competition organised by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac), returns to Italy. With twelve years in business and ten editions in Italy and Asia and over 1,000 coffees from all corners of the world, the competition relies on the collaboration between offices in Italy, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan and the international community of Iiac tasters, now with almost 12,000 professionals in more than 40 countries around the world.

Coffees from all over the world, extracted in all possible forms, compete for the coveted gold medals in a competition with clear and simple features that define and convey the value of the event: assessment entrusted to panels of tasters from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac), who work completely blindly according to the most stringent sensory analysis criteria; a precise set of rules; rigorous scientific standards; a pool of judges and samples from all over the world; and a steady and consistent development.

Participation brings lots of benefits

The winners of the competition will be awarded a certificate and gold medal as well as marketing tools that have already been used successfully by the winning roasters of previous editions. The tasters who assess the coffees during the competition will all be coffee professionals, selected according to their in-depth knowledge of the Iiac method. For all participating coffees, a sensory profile will be created and delivered directly into the company’s hands.

Want to know more?

To experience being in the room with the tasters, watch the video from the 2016 edition.



You can also listen to Iiac President Luigi Odello, giving further details on the competition in his speech. 


See what happened at the International Coffee Tasting Asia 2017 here .​​​​​​​


To register your coffee

To register, simply follow the instructions in the regulations  here.

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