International Coffee Tasting 2012: The Winners

For two days judges from various countries tasted and assessed coffee from all over the world

Brescia, 7 november – The fourth edition of the International Coffee Tasting held in Brescia on the 29th and 31st October has closed. Coffees from all around the world have been challenging each other. 26 judges from 11 countries were given the task of assessing as many as 113 coffees from 13 countries: the winning products of the competition were chosen from a truly international selection (Editor’s note: the list is below).

"The winning coffees possess an exceptionally wide range of aromas – commented Luigi Odello, president of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and Professor of Sensory Analysis at various Italian and foreign universities – accompanied by a bold but round and smooth body".

Among the competing products there were also coffee pods and capsules, a phenomenon which has increasingly grown in recent years. It is very interesting to observe how these coffees come very close to perform as espresso, but are still not able to reach its silkiness, rich body and powerful aroma.

"It is equally interesting to see how non Italian espresso roasters are progressing – concluded Odello – Many of them are definitely trying to align themselves with the Italian style ".

The competition sponsors were Wega Macchine per Caffè, Luigi Bormioli and Compak. The competition also enjoyed the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies and of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis.

The winners of International Coffee Tasting 2012 (ex aequo, in alphabetic order with the name of the winning product in brackets)

Espresso – Italian blends

  •  Costadoro, Turin (Coffee Lab)
  • Esperia Distribuzione, Monza Brianza (Caffè Milano)
  • G.I.Fi.Ze, Bologna (Club Kavè)
  • Holly di Ulivieri Raffaele, Perugia (Bar 100% Arabica)
  • Italcaffè, La Spezia (Excelso Bar)
  • La Genovese, Savona (Caffè Anniversario Metal Box)
  • La Genovese, Savona (Caffè Qualità Royal)
  • Milani, Como (Milani Gran Espresso)
  • Mokaor, Vercelli (Intenso)
  • Omkafè, Trento (Superbar blend)
  • Taurocaf di Alberto & Anzola, Turin (Caffè Alberto Pappagallo Rosso Blend)
  • Torrefazione Caffè Gran Salvador, Brescia (100% Arabica CE)
  • Torrefazione Caffè Gran Salvador, Brescia (100% Arabica N)
  • Torrefazione Caffè Roen, Verona (Espresso Bendinelli – 100% Arabica Gourmet)
  • Torrefazione dei F.lli Morandini, Brescia (Maxima Blend 100% Arabica)
  • Torrefazione El Miguel, Varese (La Cafferia – Portofino)
  • Torrefazione Olimpica, Rieti (Faraglia Espresso Barrique)
  • Torrefazione S. Salvador, Sondrio (Super Bar)

Espresso – Non Italian blends or single origins

  • Cafés Dromedario, Spain (Dromedario Colombia Nariño Supremo "El Tambo")
  • Cafés Dromedario, Spain (Pozo Artesania)
  • Cafés Dromedario, Spain (Tostadora Natural Hosteleria)
  • Caffè Principe, Germany (Ottanta)
  • Droga Kolinska, Slovenia (Barcaffè Bar)
  • Gourmet Coffee Roasters, South Africa (Häzz)
  • Milano Coffee, Canada (Espresso # 1)
  • P & F Coffee, Thailand (P & F Espresso Blend)
  • P & F Coffee, Thailand (P & F Splendid Blend)
  • Peaberry, Thailand (House Blend Coffee Roasted)
  • Peaberry, Thailand (Roadster Blend Coffee Roasted)

Coffee pods and capsules

  • Caffè Agust, Brescia (Natura Equa Biofairtrade capsule)
  • Mocoffee, Switzerland (Bel Canto – Strato Coffee Machine)
  • Torrefazione Caffè Roen, Verona (Monodose Capsule)

Coffee for non-professional automatic coffee machines

  • Milani, Como (Milani Guatemala Antigua El Pulcal)

2008 International Coffee Tasting: the winners

The 2008 International Coffee Tasting was held in Brescia (Italy) on the 30th and 31st of October. 130 coffees from all over the world took part in the competition organised by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters with the technical cooperation of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Taster Study Center).

After two days of work, 26 tasters were able to award the best coffees with the Golden Medal. They evaluated each coffee blindly using a tasting card. The cards were collected and processed by the technicians of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori. A list of the winners was eventually issued.

“As far as the Italian market is concerned, the tasting sessions demonstrate an improvement in the average quality of coffee – told Luigi Odello, secretary general of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and professor of Sensory Analysis in several Italian universities – Espresso confirmed as the best way to prepare coffee: the moka pot, the filter, the neapolitan and the home machines cannot reach its level of quality”.

All the winners of the 2008 International Coffee Tasting: the Golden Medals

Category: Italian espresso blends for the horeca

  • Caffè Agust- Agust Natura Equa – Miscela di Caffè 100% Arabica da Agricoltura Biologica – Speciale Bar
  • Caffè Haiti Roma di Azeglio Martella & C. Srl – Caffè Gran Riserva – Prodotto Italiano di Qualità
  • Caffè Terzi Sas- Miscela Terzi n. 1 – 100% Arabica
  • Costadoro Spa – Master Club Coffee – 100% Qualità Arabica
  • Caffè Paranà di Giannelli Emilio – Espresso italiano in grani
  • Holly di Ulivieri Raffaele – Torrefazione Caffè – Special Bar 100% Arabica 
  • La Genovese Sas – Caffè Qualità Oro 
  • Minuto Caffè Srl – Bar Gourmet Espresso 1 Kg – 100% Arabica 
  • T.M. Srl dei F.lli Morandini & C. – Miscela Oro 90% Arabica Certificata in grani
  • Torrefazione Artigianale Caffè Roen – Espresso Bendinelli "Gourmet 100% Arabica"
  • Torrefazione Aryscaffè – Aryscaffè Eurobar 
  • Torrefazione Caffè Avana – Miscela Degustazione "Sublime" 
  • Torrefazione Gran Salvador Snc – 001 – Oro 
  • Torrefazione Saturno Srl – Miscela 1 Bar Caracol 
  • Torrefazione Taurocaf Snc – Caffè Alberto Miscela Pappagallo Oro – Espresso 
  • Torrefazione Taurocaf Snc – Caffè Alberto Miscela Pappagallo Rosso – Espresso 
  • Tris Moka Srl – Gran Caffè Gourmet

Category: Non-Italian espresso blends for the horeca

  • Café Dromedario Sa (Spagna) – Cafè Colombiano Nariño Supremo "El Tambo" Café Dromedario – Café en Grano Natural
  • Café Dromedario Sa (Spagna) – Cinco Alturas Cafes La Brasileña – La Tostadora – Café en Grano
  • Café Dromedario Sa (Spagna) – Especial Espresso Cafè Dromedario – Café Natural en Grano
  • Massimo Cerutti S.A. (Svizzera) – Cerutti "Il caffè" Qualità Extra Milano
  • Monardo – AMeL Commercial de cafes e complementos (Brasile) – Antonello Monardo Caffè Espresso Blend – Sul de Minas Gourmet – 100% Arabica

Category: Home automatic coffee machine

  • Caffè Mokarico Srl – Bar – Caffè torrefatto in grani

Category: Single-dose coffee machine

  • Angelo Morettino Spa – Caffè Morettino "100% Arabica Espresso" – Cialda
  • Caffè Cagliari Spa – Cialda Gran Caffè – monodose per macchine espresso
  • Costadoro Spa – Cialde Costadoro – Coffee Pod
  • Omkafè Srl – Cialde Top Quality Omkafè

Category: Moka coffee pot

  • Angelo Morettino Spa – Caffè Morettino "Arabica Club" 100% Arabica – Morbido e raffinato
  • Caffè Cartapani Srl – Miscela "Primeiro" 100% Arabica – macinato
  • Café Dromedario Sa (Spagna) – Café Colombiano Nariño Supremo "El Tambo" La Tostadora
  • Corsino Corsini Spa – Colombia Caffè Medellin Supremo – Compagnia dell’Arabica
  • Milani Spa – Puro Portorico Yauco Selecto – 100% Arabica
  • Minuto Caffè Srl – Fior di Aroma Macinato 250 g – 100% Arabica

Category: Neapolitan coffee pot / Filter

  • Torrefazione Principe Gbr (Germania) – La Nera Espresso Casa