Poll: The quality of espresso in 2008

Is the quality of espresso in your country improving in 2008? Please tell us what you think and leave your comment below (please specify your country and your position, e.g. coffee roaster, barista, consumer).


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3 Responses to “Poll: The quality of espresso in 2008”

  1. Belgik Says:

    4 votes so far… OK.
    I voted the quality would improve, based upon the perception that, in Belgium, espresso is not very generalized. Most of my friends don’t care a hoot about coffee, and know less about it.

    For others, the idea is slowly catching on, however (thanks George Clooney..), causing the concept of espresso to become more visible, and for that reason, I believe the average quality can only improve (only up till a certain point will have been reached).

    If I were Italian, in Italy, I would have voted differently…

  2. BazBean (shop owner) Says:

    The Cycle I think is broken as I have seen a massive increase in espresso consumption here in the UK. As expectation grows higher the market place demands increased quality. The general public suffers from the same curse as all coffee fanatics do … once you have tasted a perfect espresso you want more..
    Problem was than until recently most people sampled from the menu an espresso, and the result was probably a terrible shot and they then made there mind, never again !!!!!! understandable
    with better knowledge and speciality outlets opening this i am glad to think is changeing.

  3. Peter Tam Says:

    It can hardly be improved due to the poor understanding of espresso by the whole coffee industry of the world.

    We can ensure the quality of our barista training, and their cafes will have much better quality of espresso drinks.

    We are the trainers of barista in Beijing of China, Kaffa Cafe.

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