Record-breaking edition of the International Coffee Tasting 2018: all the winners

The twelfth edition of the International Coffee Tasting was held in Milan: a record-breaking edition with 322 coffees from 126 coffee roasters from 18 countries. The jury included 31 tasters belonging to the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac), from 12 countries. They made an enormous amount of work and awarded 95 gold medals to as many excellent coffees.

"The contest highlighted the great improvement in the quality of coffee at a global level, attracting attention from the Far East, Canada and the USA with some very interesting proposals, with a new focus towards Italian espresso blends of high sensory value from roasters – stated Luigi Odello, CEO of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac) – All of this in a historical period in which it is increasingly difficult to find high-quality green coffees. For the consumer, the gap between low quality and true excellence is widening, so the ability to choose becomes fundamental".

The samples were prepared by a team of professionals (Roberto Sala, Fabio Consonni, Angelo Gregio and Chihiro Yokoyama) and the judges made completely blind tastings. All of the results were statistically verified with the Big Sensory Soft software. 95 gold medals were awarded exclusively to coffees above the established threshold value and in any case no more than 30 % in each category.

Technical sponsors of the event were Wega Coffee Machines, Compak Coffee Grinders and Grondona.

Below is a list of the gold medals awarded, by category and in alphabetical order by company.



·       Taiwan; Cama Coffee Inc.; Chocolate Prince

·       Korea; Coffee Bang-A; Ethiopia OMA

·       Korea; Darich; Bless

·       Taiwan; Hold Café; Hold No.1 Blend

·       Japan; Kotobukiya Coffee Inryousha & Co., Ltd.; Gesha-Chaka

·       China; Luckin Coffee (China) Ltd ; Drip Coffee #H

·       China; Suzhou Qiao Xuan Food Co., Ltd.; Indonesia Long Berry

·       Taiwan; Tchampion Coffee Company; Selection Yirgacheffe

·       China; Wellstand Foods (Lang Xi) Co., Ltd.; Drip Coffee #8



·       Peru; Agrifood Solutions Eirl.; Valleymount Coffee (Vilcabamba, Cusco – Peru) Medium Roast

·       Usa; Caffè Umbria Inc.; Leone Blend

·       China; Guangzhou City Bai Li Fresh Food Co., Ltd.; Gaolingyu Mocha Coffee Beans



·       Taiwan; Catamona Trading Co., Ltd.; Signature Blend Café

·       China; Guangzhou City Bai Li Fresh Food Co., Ltd.; Guijue Full-Automatic Italian Coffee Beans

·       Russia; Mikale; Flamenco

·       China; Suzhou Qiao Xuan Food Co., Ltd.; Automatic Coffee Machine 2



·       Italy; Apulia Vending S.r.l. – Morola Caffè Italiano; Morola Ltd. Edition

·       Italy; Caffè Agust S.r.l.; Elegante

·       Italy; Musetti S.r.l.; Cialda – Cremissimo

·       Italy; Omkafè S.r.l.; Cialda Diamante

·       Italy; T.m. S.r.l. Torrefazione Dei Fratelli Morandini & C.; Caffè Classe – Miscela Biologica 100% Arabica In Capsule Compostabili



·       Italy; Angelo Morettino S.r.l.; Reserve 100% Arabica

·       Italy; Angelo Morettino S.r.l.; Terrae 100% Arabica Pure Organic Coffee

·       Italy; Antoniana Caffè S.r.l.; Dolce Rosso

·       Italy; Boutic Caffè S.a.s. Di Di Feo Paolo e C.; Dolcezza

·       Italy; C.i.t. Torrefazione Il Griso S.n.c. Di Balzan C. e Biscotti A.; "La Storica 19-91" 100% Arabica

·       Italy; Caffè Agust S.r.l.; Natura Equa Bio Fairtrade

·       Italy; Corsino Corsini S.p.a.; Estrella

·       Italy; Costadoro S.p.a.; Costadoro Coffee Lab

·       Italy; Dacatè S.r.l.; Arditi Espresso Arabica 100%

·       Italy; Dacatè S.r.l.; 1961 Organic Biologico

·       Italy; Dersut Caffè S.p.a.; Oro

·       Italy; Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti S.p.a.; Cortese Electus

·       Italy; Granonero S.r.l.; Silver

·       Italy; La Genovese S.a.s.; Caffè Anniversario Metal Box

·       Italy; La Genovese S.a.s.; Caffè Juta Bio UTZ

·       Italy; Lavazza S.p.a.; Gran Espresso

·       Italy; Moka Rica S.p.a.; Cafè Antigua

·       Italy; Mokabar S.n.c. Di Bertolino E. e C.; Miscela "Bar"

·       Italy; Mokador S.r.l.; Caffè Gualtieri Top Line Arabica

·       Italy; Mokadoro; Salvador

·       Italy; Mokito S.p.a.; Mokito 100% Arabica Miscela Bianco

·       Italy; Mokito S.p.a.; Mokito Miscela Smeraldo

·       Italy; Musetti S.r.l.; Gold Cuvée

·       Italy; So.Ge.Ca. S.n.c. Di Mischiatti Lorenzo e C.; Mister Caffè Miscela Crema Di Aromi

·       Italy; T.m. S.r.l. Torrefazione Dei Fratelli Morandini & C.; Miscela Maxima 100% Arabica

·       Italy; T.m. S.r.l. Torrefazione Dei Fratelli Morandini & C.; Biocaffè Fairtrade 100% Arabica

·       Italy; Torrefazione Bugella S.a.s.; 100% Pura Arabica Coffee

·       Italy; Torrefazione Caffè Avana di Turrini Roberto; Miscela "Degustazione Sublime"

·       Italy; Torrefazione Caffè Gran Salvador S.n.c.; Gold Medal 4321

·       Italy; Torrefazione Mokasol Di Stretti Stefano; Gran Bar

·       Italy; Torrefazione S. Salvador S.r.l.; Super Bar

·       Italy; Torrefazione Saturno Notti Pietro & C. S.r.l.; Miscela 1 Bar Caracol



·       Taiwan; B.M Coffee; Wild Grassland

·       China; Beijing Edyd Trade Co., Ltd.; EJ Coffee Classic Blend

·       Korea; Boston Company; Boston Trinity

·       Spain; Cafes Foronda; Blend De Arabicas

·       Spain; Cafés La Brasileña, Sa.; Etiopia Sidamo

·       Spain; Cafés La Brasileña, Sa.; Blend 5 Alturas

·       Korea; Candy De Shot ; Golden Cream

·       Taiwan; Catamona Trading Co., Ltd.; Signature Blend Café

·       Taiwan; Catamona Trading Co., Ltd.; House Blend Café

·       Russia; Coffee-Center; Region 27

·       Korea; Darich; Park In Ki

·       Taiwan; Drink Coffee First; Beloved

·       Slovenia; Droga Kolinska; Barcaffé Espresso Tradizione

·       Slovenia; Droga Kolinska; Barcaffé Espresso Prestigio

·       Korea; Edison Coffee; Edison Espresso Blending

·       China; Fishtank; Embody Sunshine

·       China; Fishtank; High

·       Taiwan; GB5 Coffee; No.96 Blend

·       Spain; Grupo Dromedario, Sa.; Grupo Dromedario – "Kenia Gicherori"

·       China; Guangzhou Jiada Trade Co., Ltd.; uSmile Coffee D8

·       China; Guangzhou Jiada Trade Co., Ltd.; C·Taipei D5

·       Thailand; K.V.N. Import Export (1991) Co., Ltd.; Aroma Blend F2

·       Thailand; K.V.N. Import Export (1991) Co., Ltd.; Aroma Blend F1

·       Thailand; K.V.N. Import Export (1991) Co., Ltd.; Aroma Champion Blend

·       Switzerland; Kaffeehaus; Tibits St. Gallen

·       Switzerland; Kaffeehaus; Cafuche

·       Japan; Ltd. Company Bankoku Coffee; Espresso Bitters & Rich Blend

·       China; Luckin Coffee (China) Ltd ; Espresso Coffee #A

·       Canada; Milano Coffee; Turks Crown

·       Usa; Orinoco Coffee & Tea, Ltd.; Espresso Anniversario

·       Thailand; P&F Coffee Ltd. Partnership; P&F Espresso Blend

·       Thailand; P&F Coffee Ltd. Partnership; MadDog Blend

·       China; Render Coffee (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ; Render Reserve 2018

·       Taiwan; Roasting Creative Co., Ltd.; Gift

·       China; S.O.E Coffee Roasters; Square Of Eight Seasonal Blend

·       China; Seng Pan Food Company Ltd.; Kiss Blend

·       China; Seng Pan Food Company Ltd.; Dream Chaser Blend

·       Taiwan; Tchampion Coffee Company; Kato Sun

·       China; Wahshing Coffee Ltd.; Swiss Coffee

·       Taiwan; Wolong Coffee Studio; Qingyun Blend

·       China; Xishen (Anhui) Food Co., Ltd.; Halloween

·       China; Xishen (Anhui) Food Co., Ltd.; Fly Cock








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