Coffee tasters: new associations in Japan and Brazil

Everything is ready for the kick-off of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters – Japan. It will be opened up on the 28th of April in Tokyo. To celebrate the occasion, on the 26-27th of April two new licence courses have been organised to satisfy the continually increasing demand for training on coffee tasting. The courses will be held in Osaka and Tokyo, as in the past. The new tasters will join the large number of tasters already operational in Japan thanks to the excellent coordination job done by Yumiko Momoi and her staff.

Brazil also will have its own International Institute of Coffee Tasters. The founding of an association with the same aims of its parent association and which will apply the very same methods seems to be a symbolic undertaking in the country which give us so much precious raw material for the Italian Espresso. While the Japanese market dates back to some years ago, the Brazilian market is opening up just now to the Espresso: an association of coffee tasters has a pioneering spirit to it.

Also the market in the Balkans is opening up and growing. Where the must was drinking Turkish coffee, nowadays, in the dregs of that beverage, it is possible to read the future of the espresso in the Balkans. In March, the International Institute of Coffee Tasters has been invited by Grand Kafa – the biggest roaster, comprising Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, in the region – to give coaching at a licence course and a course for Espresso Italiano Specialist at its new training centre. This is a collaboration with the most challenging training scheme in the Balkans and a cooperation which will position the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and its method as the quality standard for this region.

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