The return of the blend: for love or for money?

by Carlo Odello *

The blend seems to be regaining ground in several countries where for many years the espresso has been seen as a single origin product. We are actually receiving signs of interest in the blend from the United States, and the same can be said for Japan.

This situation often leads to a double interpretation. Some rejoice saying that the rediscovery of the blend is a clear sign of more complex aromatic research. Others however, perhaps the more pessimistic, see it from a different light: the carefully selected single origins, particularly some washed Central American origins, have become very expensive in their pure form. Laws: the profit margin has fallen drastically compared to the past.

However the fact remains that for money or for love, the blend seems to catch on again. Not a bad thing for the Italian espresso which has always cherished the blend.

* Trainer and member of the board of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters

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2 Responses to “The return of the blend: for love or for money?”

  1. Francesco Gatti Says:

    I am somewhat confused by this article. I work in England where 100% arabicas are by far the most “adored”, mainly due to trend than knowledge as I always try to explain to my customers some robusta can be good, especially with 30cl of milk!!We call single origin those 1kg bags containing only 1 variety of beans, however a 100% arabica can be a “blend” too ie brazil-guatemala and costarica. Aplogies if I did sound pedantic in my comment, I was just looking to clarify.All the best!

  2. k.J.Balyaya Says:

    the fact remains that the belnd first for love and then for money, as two faces of the coin.

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